Sunbeds, are they all bad?

Sunbeds get lots of bad press, recently I read an article about how sunbeds gave a women skin cancer, but when reading the article you soon discover that the women was totally abusing the use of sunbeds and having 20 minutes every day for 15 years….

Yes sunbeds will increase the risk of getting skin cancer if abused, but there is an argument that now suggests that the benefits of using them correctly, outweighs the risks.

At Glo our sunbed is fitted with what’s called maxi twist tubes. These tubes contain not only UV but also red and blue light. They are also heavily regulated and spot checked by trading standards on a regular basis to make sure the correct power tubes are being used.

Here are 8 benefits to using sunbeds in a correct and responsible manner..

1) Provides your body with the all important vitamin D.

2) Helps clear skin of acne.

3) sunbeds can be used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis.

4) Red and blue light will help stimulate natural collagen helping rejuvenated your skin leaving it looking younger and healthier.

5) Can help with certain forms of depression.

6) Helps prevent hair loss.

7)Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.

8Helps you get that elusive tan giving you a healthy glow making you feel happier.

Here at Glo - Hair beauty and tanning in Norwich we promote the safe use of sunbeds and are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you suffer from any of the conditions above and would like to talk to us about using sunbeds please call us on 01603 620404.


Norwich Nail Salon - Why you should choose Gels over varnish

Hey Mariana here from Glo.

I just wanted to let you know my 8 reasons why you should have gels instead of nail varnish next time you require your nails done.

1) No thick, sticky or gooey polish!

2) Gel goes on a lot smoother and shinier

3) Gel nails dries in just a few seconds under the UV lamp so stops the risk of smudging them.

4) Gel nails last so much longer, up to four weeks if looked after!

5) Protects frail or damaged nails

6) Does not harm natural nail

7) Can be applied closer to the cuticle

8) Better colour pigmentation compared to varnish

So next time you are thinking of having your nails done make sure you book an appointment with Glo - Hair, Beauty, & Tanning in Norwich.

See you soon!

Mariana xx

Ps, as well as gels we also offer Nexgen nails for all your extensions as well as all pedicures and manicures.

Introducing Two New Members to the Glo team

We know its been hard to get an appointment at Glo recently, but we had to wait to find the right therapists.

Now the the time has come to introduce you to Megan and Mariana.

Both girls are extremely talented therapists and are already getting some amazing reviews from our clients.

You can book your appointments with the girls direct off the website. Just hit the book online button below, or call the salon on 01603 620404.


Glo - Hair, Beauty & Tanning is a hair and beauty salon in Norwich. We offer all types of hair and beauty treatments including nexgen nails, gel nails, eyelash extensions, waxing, sunbeds, spray tanning, manicures, pedicures, lip filler, dermal fillers, all types of hair including foils and colours.

Norwich Beauty Salon - Glo Hair, Beauty and Tanning - Spring is here!

With the arrival of spring its maybe time for your very own spring clean! Here are the top five treatments to book this April.

Facials - Repair the damage from the cold of winter with a luxury facial here at Glo.

The exfoliation, massaging, steam and a mask application during a facial treatment will help skin rejuvenate, leaving you a fresh, renewed skin. A facial improves appearance of our skin, giving it a more healthy and glowing look.

Waxing - With the warmer weather on its way, its time to switch up our wardrobes. Short sleeves and short dresses are soon going to an outfit of choice so don’t forget to book your waxing appointments with us and rid any unwanted hair. Read More here

Sunbed - Now is a great time to top up your tan ready for spring and summer holidays. Sunbeds have a whole host of health benefits read more here.

Hair treatment - Start off spring with a new hair style or maybe give your hair a treatment to help repair damage caused from the cold weather.

Brow maintenance - Perfectly shaped brows will define your face, maybe its time for a simple brow wax and tint.

So maybe its time to book your appointment at Glo and give yourself a spring clean.


Lea-Marie Cosmetics now offering Liquid Rhinoplasty in Norwich

Recently Leanne from Lea-Marie Cosmetics has been back to the UK’s leading aesthetics trainer to advance her skills.

Lea-Marie Cosmetics already offer a vast range of aesthetic treatments including dermal lip fillers, cheek fillers, anti-wrinkle injections (knows as botox), but Leanne is now able to offer Liquid rhinoplasty, the liquid nose job.

The simple procedure uses dermal filler to make the nose appear straight and more defined. It’s quick, and relatively painless, a much easier solution than going under the knife.

We have included some of her recent results below for you to see.

If you are interested in speaking with Leanne regarding a Liquid Rhinoplasty or any other aesthetics procedure like Dermal lip fillers, please contact her today.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Norwich - Dermal Fillers Norwich - Lip fillers Norwich

3 simple ways of reducing stress levels

3 simple ways of reducing stress levels

Stress can cause a whole host of problems, Aching muscles, headaches, blood pressure issues, the list is endless. Stress also causes problems with skin in a whole host of different ways. Acne, spots, bags under our eyes and also lines and wrinkles.

Beauty Salon Norwich - Our New beauty room!

Here at Glo - Hair Beauty and Tanning in Norwich we have lots of work going on at the salon over the next few months. After a big flood last month which has brought ceilings down and caused damage across three of our rooms we have started our refurbishments slightly earlier than planned.

The first room to get some TLC is our Beauty Room.

With a fresh coat of pain, some new wallpaper, brighter lighting, new wax pots and a heated beauty bed we absolutely love it!

Hope to see you soon!


Beauty Treatments in Norwich

Here at Glo we offer a wide range of beauty treatments including Waxing, eyelash extensions, tinting, lash lifts, facials, and many other treatments.

We look forward to seeing you at Glo Soon x

Hair Salon Norwich - Glo Hair Beauty & Tanning

With Christmas on our door step and New Year just around the corner now is a great time to give your hair a little love and attention.

Maybe you have a big night out planned for NYE and you want to be looking your best… Well why not book an appointment at Glo - Hair beauty and Tanning - your Norwich Hair Salon and come and have a chat with one of our hairstylists.

One of our stylists will look at your hair and give you options on what style they think will work for you, look at colour options and also give you some ideas on treatments to protect your hair from the cold.

Hair Dressers Norwich

Have a look below at some of the recent styles that our girls have completed for happy customers.