Why you should be having a facial at least once a month!

Lots of people book a facial for the relaxation benefits that it brings, but there are many other important reasons why you should be having one every month! 

Here at Norwich salon Glo - Hair, Beauty & Tanning we recommend having a facial at least once a month. Yes there are the relaxation benefits, but these are hugely outweighed by the aesthetic benefits that they bring. 

With the 21st century lifestyle of working harder, drinking more, and not sticking to that healthy diet, our skin really does need looking after more. Combine that with the weather, working at a computer for long periods of time and the amount of pollution in the air the damage to our skin is worse than ever before. 

Our skin is often lacking vital minerals that it needs, and so having a facial treatment with a high quality product such as Dermalogica, your skin can absorb what it needs to replenish itself.  The treatment will help your face to shed older, dryer skin cells and encourage new skin cells to form. Blood flow to the face can be increased and it can help to prolong the natural ageing of our skin. All of this will give you a much clearer softer appearance and can also reduce the amount of spots and blackheads and help with acne breakouts.

There are also the mind set benefits, you will feel more relaxed and feel more confident about your appearance.

So when was the last time you had a facial? Maybe its time to book yourself one and see the benefits for yourself. We offer Dermalogica facials starting from just £30, so call the team today on 01603 620404 To book your appointment.