Thinking of having a spray tan in Norwich? Here's what you need to know.

Shaving / Waxing - Make sure you shave or wax the day before so that your pores have time to close up. If not you will end up with little black dots where the spray tan sinks into the open pores. 

Shower - For best results with spray tans please wash using a normal soap or bar of soap. Most shower gels / body washes will contain a moisturizer which will leave a layer on the skin which will prevent the spray tan from sticking. This will leave you with a patchy spray tan.

Skin -Exfoliating 24/48 hours before the spray tan will remove any dead skin cells so the skin is nice and fresh for the tan. The skin should also be clean before the spray tan is applied. We recommend avoiding moisturizers, antiperspirant's and deodorants as well as makeup. Failure to do this will result in your spray tan not developing properly. 

Clothing - On the day of your spray tan wear dark loose fitting clothing that are easily cleaned. We will supply disposable pants for you to wear during your spray tan. Loose shoes or flip flops are also recommended to avoid ruining the tan on your feet. 

Hair - We will provide you with a hair net to wear on the day of your treatment but we do recommend that if you have long hair that you bring a clip to put it up out of the way. 

Timing of the tan - As well as traditional spray tanning fluids that should be done 24-36 hours before the occasion, we also offer a same day spray tan that only requires a few hours to develop. 

Other things - If its raining make sure you are fully covered and have an umbrella so that your freshly sprayed tan doesn't get wet. If you are wearing shorts, its a good idea to cover your car seats with a towel. 

After the spray tan - The time you leave the spray tan on depends on the desired results so please take advice from the therapist on the day. When it comes to washing the excess tan off, use a normal body wash, not an exfoliant. Wash the tan off gently, a moisturizing body wash is fine to use now. After the shower pat yourself dry rather than rub. Use a nail brush to scrub your palms to prevent orange tan stains. 

Apply moisturizing cream after showers and before bed to extend the life of the tan. 

Swimming pools, hot tubs, and sea water will cause the tan to fade quicker so avoid if possible.   

At Glo - Hair, Beauty & Tanning in Norwich, we only use St. Tropez spray tanning fluids on our clients. St Tropez gives a very natural looking tan, uses 100% natural products and is almost fragrant free too. We also have a dedicated spray tan room so no need to stand in a tent in the corner of the salon.  

Half body spray tans are £14

Full Body spray Tans are £22

Book your Spray tan today by calling Glo - Hair, Beauty & Tanning on 01603 620404