Looking for a manicure or pedicure in Norwich? You should be visiting us at Glo – Hair, Beauty & Tanning

Manicures and pedicures are one of our most popular beauty treatments here at Glo – Hair, Beauty & Tanning in Norwich and there are plenty of reasons why having a professional manicure or pedicure will benefit your fingers and toes.

Treating your nails, hands and feet to some pampering every now and then has great benefits too. Not only does it give you a confidence boost by having beautiful fingers and toes, it can also prevent ingrowing toe nails, and dry skin which can crack and become painful.

Manicures and pedicures are performed by our professional beauty therapists in our Norwich salon.  We offer a number of different treatments too, so Whether its cutting and shaping of the nails, painting them a pretty colour or bathing them in oils and removing dead skin we can help.  

Regular manicures will help to vastly improve the overall health of your nails. Hand mask are also used in some of our treatments and you will find that by regularly having these will drastically improve the condition of the skin around those areas leaving your hands and feet feeling beautifully smooth and soft.

Glo – Hair, Beauty & Tannings luxury manicures and pedicures also involve massaging of the hands and feet, and like all massages this can boost blood circulation to those areas. It’s really relaxing too! 😊

So next time you are searching for a manicure or pedicure in Norwich, Give Glo – Hair, Beauty and Tanning a call on 01603 620404. We know how to look after your fingers and toes!

We offer various manicure and pedicure treatments here at our Norwich city center nail bar, from a simple file and polish up to luxury manicures and pedicures so whether you want a natural look or something a little more bright and colourful our friendly beauticians will not disappoint.