Benefits of waxing over shaving

Waxing lasts a lot longer than shaving. Once waxed you should find that you are hair free for at least 10 – 14 days where with shaving this will only be a couple of days before you notice the hair growth again.

You are also less likely to get ingrown hairs when waxing as you are removing the whole hair. When you shave, you are cutting the hair off at skin level, as the hair starts to grow back it can sometimes stay under the skin leaving you with a sore and sometimes infected area.

Over time waxing will kill the hair follicle so the more regularly you are waxed, hair growth will slow down and you will find that it becomes sparse, it will also become less painful as the roots won’t be as deep and therefore are removed much easier.

The first time you are waxed you will find that some hair will grow back quicker than others. This is because the hair will be at different stages of growth, but over time this will sync leaving you hair free for longer periods of time. 

When the waxing is done by a trained therapist it doesn’t damage the skin like shaving or hair removal cream does.


Before your wax appointment

Don’t shave for at least 1 and a half weeks

Do not apply fake tan before your wax appointment as the wax will remove the tan.

Exfoliate 24 hours before the appointment to remove any dead skin giving you a much cleaner wax.

Shower before the appointment to make sure any creams or lotions have been washed off.


After your wax appointment

You may be a little more sensitive after a wax for up to 24 hours. This is totally normal.

Avoid using any tanning lotion or having a spray tan for 24 hours after a wax appointment as the pores will be open and you will be left with lots of little black dots.

Avoid a hot bath or shower for 24 hours as this can sometimes irritate the skin, as will perfumed soaps or shower gels.

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