Top Tanning Tips for the Tan Shy

With the snow gone and a little bit of sunshine breaking through we immediately begin to think of summer.

Whilst we are still only in March, the sun managed to sun managed to break through a little bit over the last couple of days. so naturally we’ve been daydreaming of warmer days ever since.

But its not just beer gardens and BBQ’S we have been dreaming of, No, we’ve been dreaming of our gorgeous summer glo! (see what we did there)

But the chance of getting a tan in the march sun is slim, so why not book yourself a trusty spay tan!

So here are our top tips to make sure you get the best results.

1- Book in for a professional spray tan

First things first, let’s not try and do this ourselves. Trying to reach those hard to get areas of our body with a foam glove is never going to give you the best result. We have a purpose built spray tan room here at Glo, so let our trained therapists make sure you leave with a beautiful even tan.

2- Don’t go too dark too soon

With Spray tanning we believe that less is more. If you have a pale skin tone don’t go too dark.  

3- Prepare for your tan

The Key to a nice even, non-streaky tan is to prepare your skin before you visit us at Glo – Hair, Beauty & Tanning in Norwich. Use a good quality body scrub and and take away all of the dead skin before your tan. This way there will be no dead or dry skin for the spray tan to stick to.

4- Moisturise

Lastly, both before and after a spray tan make sure you moisturise your skin. This will make sure your beautiful bronzed skin lasts longer.

So to book your spray tan, call Glo – Hair, Beauty & Tanning on 01603 620404.