3 simple ways of reducing stress levels

Stress can cause a whole host of problems, Aching muscles, headaches, blood pressure issues, the list is endless. Stress also causes problems with skin in a whole host of different ways. Acne, spots, bags under our eyes and also lines and wrinkles.

So here are a few ways to help reduce stress levels and combat skin issues.

1, Diet is a huge factor to consider. We all seem to have such busy lifestyles, working, taking the kids to school, clubs, parties, its all to easy to just call in to McDonald’s on the way home, order that Indian takeaway or chuck in the 4 minute microwave meal, but our bodies need a healthy balanced diet to gain all the vitamins and nutrients needed. A healthy diet will massively improve your skin and will also make you feel better and help reduce those stress levels.


2, Sleep more! Statistics say that most people these days gets around 5 hours undisturbed sleep per night. The recommended amount by health organisations is between 7-8 hours. Lack of sleep will cause you to make bad decisions, which in turn causes you to stress more. We all know what its like when we are tired, the mind doesn’t quite function correctly, and the smallest of things can cause us to throw our toys out of the pram causing even more stress. So try and go to sleep earlier, put the phone away so we don’t waste two hours scrolling through Facebook and Instagram to see what amazing meal Susan has made for herself or where Sarah has just gone on that nice relaxing beach holiday….


3, Have a little time for you! Most of us are too busy thinking about others and not about ourselves. Juggling work and life is sometimes hard but finding those few precious hours to relax will certainly help. Whether its something as simple as a nice hot bath whilst the kids are at school, eating lunch with friends (make sure it’s a healthy one) or maybe booking yourself a little pampering with us a Glo.  Having your hair done, a fresh set of nails or a facial will all help reduce stress levels and give you that all important ‘me time’

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So if you haven’t been to visit us yet, maybe its time you did. Look forwards to seeing you soon.

Glo xx