Norwich Nail Salon - Why you should choose Gels over varnish

Hey Mariana here from Glo.

I just wanted to let you know my 8 reasons why you should have gels instead of nail varnish next time you require your nails done.

1) No thick, sticky or gooey polish!

2) Gel goes on a lot smoother and shinier

3) Gel nails dries in just a few seconds under the UV lamp so stops the risk of smudging them.

4) Gel nails last so much longer, up to four weeks if looked after!

5) Protects frail or damaged nails

6) Does not harm natural nail

7) Can be applied closer to the cuticle

8) Better colour pigmentation compared to varnish

So next time you are thinking of having your nails done make sure you book an appointment with Glo - Hair, Beauty, & Tanning in Norwich.

See you soon!

Mariana xx

Ps, as well as gels we also offer Nexgen nails for all your extensions as well as all pedicures and manicures.