Eyelash Extensions Norwich - Check out these awesome 5d Lash Extensions now available at Glo.

Check out these amazing new 5D lashes that are now available from us here at Glo - Hair, Beauty & Tanning in Norwich. 

These are pre fanned to reduce the time taken to do them, and the results are just FAB! 

These photos are taken from an actual client that we did last week. She is over the moon with them! 

Now there are all sorts of different names floating around for eyelash extensions, some salons in Norwich are calling them Russian Volume lashes, others talk about 3D lashes, 5D lashes or even 6D lashes, basically it means the same thing. The number refers to the ratio of 'fake' lashes to your own eye lashes. So 3D eyelashes = 3 fake lashes glued to 1 of your eyelashes. 5D eyelashes = 5 fake lashes glues to one of your eyelashes and so on. 

So whether you are looking for Russian Volume lashes, 3d lashes, or 5d lashes, we can help. 

Why not book an appointment with our semi permanent eyelash technician today. 

Eyelash Extensions Norwich


So if you are looking for 5D semi-permanent lash extentions in Norwich then make sure you call or message us today to book your appointment