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Lea-Marie Cosmetics now offering Liquid Rhinoplasty in Norwich

Recently Leanne from Lea-Marie Cosmetics has been back to the UK’s leading aesthetics trainer to advance her skills.

Lea-Marie Cosmetics already offer a vast range of aesthetic treatments including dermal lip fillers, cheek fillers, anti-wrinkle injections (knows as botox), but Leanne is now able to offer Liquid rhinoplasty, the liquid nose job.

The simple procedure uses dermal filler to make the nose appear straight and more defined. It’s quick, and relatively painless, a much easier solution than going under the knife.

We have included some of her recent results below for you to see.

If you are interested in speaking with Leanne regarding a Liquid Rhinoplasty or any other aesthetics procedure like Dermal lip fillers, please contact her today.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Norwich - Dermal Fillers Norwich - Lip fillers Norwich

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Lip Fillers Norwich - At Glo - By Lea-Marie Cosmetics

Lip Fillers Norwich - At Glo - By Lea-Marie Cosmetics

Here at Glo - Hair beauty and Tanning in Norwich we are proud to offer a selection of aesthetic treatments including cheek fillers, dermal lip fillers and Anti wrinkle injections (sometimes called botox)